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    Extend Your Web Site Beyond a Fancy Brochure


    Easy-to-Maintain Web Sites!

    Why Use Joomla? Powerful, Safe, Grows with You!

    Besides satisfying customers' needs and readership interests, your website can be a hub for your staffs' common tasks. Joomla is more than a website — it's an information management system. Besides editing your web pages and posting new articles — you'll find it can replace other programs, such as, an Access database, Customer Relationship Management systems, project management systems, and more.

    We build powerful websites using Joomla!
    Animal Surgical Clinic of Seattle launched 4/19/12


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    Everyone is searching and buying online

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    Start Selling Online!

    E-tailing is Changing How Business Gets Done!

    We've built stores in Amazon, Joomla e-commerce add-ons, and X-cart and PayPal.

    E-commerce is reshaping the web. Last year two-thirds of Americans on the web made an online purchase. This sector is growing at 40-60% per year. Your business can join the e-revolution!


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    Mobile browsing and online purchases are growing 20% per year


    Deliver your important content quickly

    Surveys show mobile customers greatly prefer to view a simple site, with liteweight menus to quickly access your important pages.

    You can update your site from your phone or tablet, and:

    • View your online orders
    • Track site traffic
    • And more!


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    Improved bandwidth makes video enjoyable


    Video Stands Out

    The "Internet attention span" proves not everyone wants to read ...

    Some would rather listen or watch. In fact, it's fantastic especially when reading a manual. Instead, just follow along with a video, and pause and play as needed. YouTube and an array of How-To Video sites have emerged, satisfying the demand to publish and be heard in this new medium.

    See Cedarbrook Sauna's stats: Over 56,000 video views on their YouTube Channel: How to Build a Sauna Series


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    Sound Content Strategies for Search Results


    Search Engine Optimization

    A picture tells a thousand words, but NOT to a search engine
    We offer sound content strategies for getting search engine results. If anyone offers you a position on Google's first page tomorrow … Balderdash! Unless you pay per click.

    What's the key to getting at the top of search engines' organic results? Be the king (and queen) of your hill first by telling the best story about what you do, share your consumer insights, and do this with the tools of the trade: Blog about it! Attract comments and create a vibrant website using the keywords for your industry.